Saturday, November 29, 2008

Anthropomorphism-Post 29 for 30dow

I don't feel like dynamism or personification today. 

Some people say that anthropomorphizing is bad, but I disagree. I think that to assume that animals don't have human feelings is stupid and even more people-centered. It's also patronizing to think that we're the only animals on Earth who feel love, hate, jealousy, frustration, etc. 

So I choose to take it to the total opposite end and imagine my cats as high schoolers. It helps me relate to them, and I think I'm right on. 

Ashleigh (AKA "Kitty Kitty") is a hard one to figure out. Usually, I just decide that she's the bitchy girl who blows hot and cold. You can't figure out if she's your friend because she'll sometimes stab you in the back. But when she's your friend, it's awesome. It's like you're Serena and Blair. If she were in my generation, then she'd be a little grungy in high school. She'd definitely wear the same plaid jacket every day, and she'd have a pair of docs. 

Oliver is one that I can't always imagine in high school. I usually just picture him as a waiter in a fancy cafe. He has to wear tuxedos and shoes with crepe soles. His tux pulls a bit at the cummerbund, but he still looks nice in it. When he was in high school, he was into graphic novels and Magic the Gathering. 

Emma is the girl everyone wants to befriend. She's a bit unreachable, though. She doesn't take part in any of the traditional rich girl social activities, like cheerleading or drill team. She's got her heart set on being a professional dancer, so she spends all of her free time in the studio her dad built for her. He runs a car dealership. She's actually quite nice if you get to know her, but it's just so hard to approach her. It's not like you'd see her at the football games. 

Spider is a soccer player. He's voted class clown and most popular year after year. He's never part of cutest couple though because he tends to just hang out with his friends from sports all the time. He's not the brightest crayon in the box, but he's funny. Everyone loves him. 

Anais (AKA "Niecey") is a quiet one. She's into art and music. If you were looking for her at school, she would likely be hiding out in a teacher's room during lunch, since she doesn't have a lot of friends her age. She's always working on some sort of art project, and the teacher gives her free reign with all the art supplies. Right now, she's learning how to blow glass. Her favorite musician is Joanna Newsom.

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