Saturday, November 15, 2008

Reduce, Reuse, Recyle-Post 15 for 30dow

Today's prompt is basically to write about something from my past that I wish I could recycle. 

Now, as I'm writing alone in the coffeeshop of my suburban-esque town, I wish I were 17 again. At 17, I always had friends around. I was with friends all day at school, and after briefly doing homework, I was with my friends again all night. I think that I really took those friendships for granted. As adults, we have to make plans to see our friends, we greet our closest friends with "Damn! I haven't seen you in a month!" And it's true. Some of my closest friends I only see once a month or less. Every day, I commute to work on a train of strangers, spend my 9-5 with folks I like, but don't see outside of those hours, then commute home on another train of strangers. I make dinner and watch tv with my boyfriend and cats. We go to about a show a week, but again, that's just us two. On weekends, we've got errands to run, a house to straighten up, dishes and laundry to do. The weekly highlight is a vegan potluck, where I finally get to see friends I like besides Matthew. 
It's weird how that happened. Is it because we're too poor to go out to dinner with friends? Is it because we live across the bridge from our closest friends from law school? Is it just because our friends are lawyers, and we're all so busy that we HAVE to make plans or else we wouldn't see each other?
I don't know, but I do miss the days where I was with friends all day long. I miss roaming the halls of my high school on my yearbook hall pass, peeking into windows to wave at friends. I miss hanging out at the mall, seeing tons of friends doing the same thing I was doing. I miss going to "shows" in friends' garages, hanging out at Rich's place on weekends, where we all knew we'd eventually end up at some point in the night. 

This post just begs for nostalgia, and I guess I gave it. I'd recycle that time where I always had time for friends.

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