Monday, November 17, 2008

Missed Connections--Post 17 for 30dow

Here's my fake ad. Laurie, you're going to get some pretty bad fake ads on this post topic. I can't wait. 

Missed connection: w4m

One Viking Lady looking to make Saga with hot Viking guy from Mediaeval Festival in SF 11/15/08

We met at the Mediaeval Festival at about 3 pm last Saturday. You were wearing a dark blue shirt and olive green baggy trousers. We were in line for beer together, and you complemented me on my apron dress. I laughed and showed you my little trinkets I'd bought off the internet for the festival. You liked the earspoon I carried, and we talked about how weird they were. 

We saw each other later in the beer line, and I complimented your beard, which was awesome and real. I think I pulled on it to try to prove you wrong. 

We saw each other again in line, and I think you paid for the beer this time. You tried to look under my apron dress. 

When the festival was over, we ran into each other in line for the bus, and you invited me back to your place. Then we had sex, and I left while you were sleeping. I was so drunk I forgot to get your name, and I can't remember where you live because I took a cab. I really hope you find this post!