Thursday, November 13, 2008

Process, schmocess-Post 13 for 30dow

Here's how to be late for work every day: 

6:45 snooze
6:51 snooze
6:57 wake up
6:57-6:58 make bed
6:58-7:05 do dishes in sink
7:05-7:10 start coffee in french press
7:10-7:20 make smoothies for M & me 
7:20-7:30 watch television while drinking coffee and smoothie
7:30-7:40 realize i should have turned tv off at 7:30, but something interesting is on, check email, start 30 dow 
7:40-8:00 pick out clothes, brush teeth, put on make up
8:00-8:10 get lunch together
8:10-8:15 do cat litter
8:15 look at email one last time, look for BART card, pull all work stuff together
8:20 leave house late. 
congratulations! i'm late again. 

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