Wednesday, November 5, 2008

On whatever I want-Post 5 for 30dow

I've had a busy past couple of days and am working on very little sleep. This post, I just want to let the Tx folks how the Cal election went. I don't have the mental energy to think of anything else. 

President: Thank goodness we went with Obama (AKA "the antichrist" to some Texans)
Prop 1A: high speed rail passed (kind of surprising because it's expensive)
Prop 2: FUCKING A!! It passed. It will outlaw battery cages by requiring that egg-laying hens have enough room to spread their limbs. I did some work on this months ago by helping to get signatures to get it on the ballot. 
Prop 3: $ for children hospital passed
Prop 4: OMG, this thankfully failed, but it was super-close. Yet again, the conservative assholes in southern California and the valley got parental notification for teen abortions on the ballot. It was close, and last night, I really was worried. 
Prop 5, & 6 failed. I am sad about 5 because it would have helped lesson sentences and increase rehab for drug offenders. 6 sucked, so I'm happy about that because it would have given more money to cops and probably would have meant more prisons. 
Prop 7 failed. It looked good at first glance (more solar power), but all the major environmental groups and environmental justice groups were against it. It was written by some billionaire who didn't consult with the environmentalists first. 
Prop 8: ...
Prop 9 passed. it sucks because it allows victims to have more of a say in parole hearings. 
Prop 10 also looked good at first glance because it encouraged alternative fuels, but really, it was some Texas billionaire, T. Boone Pickens, who wanted to sell cars or something. It failed. yay!
Prop 11, which will take the power of redistricting from the Cal legislature and give it to a private agency, passed narrowly. This is actually bad because the Republicans are not in power and this is their way to get control of some more legislative districts. 
Prop 12 passed, and it will allow for more benefits for veterans. 

So Prop 8, which takes away the recently recognized right for queer Californians to marry, unfortunately passed. I am ... I am so upset by this that it threatens to overshadow the win on Prop 2 and Obama's presidency. Friends of mine claim that they are moving away, that they are tired of being second class citizens. I know too many folks that got married in this brief autumn of marriage rights. I saw someone cry today because she feels like this was a vote against her marriage to her wife--that it is personal. 

Part of me wants to yell and dance in the streets for Obama, for the fact that prop 2 passed with about 63%. The other part of me wants to just stay in bed tomorrow since I'm so frustrated with the fact that enough people in California voted for Prop 8 for it to pass.

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