Sunday, November 16, 2008

Day by Day Armageddon-Post 16 for 30dow

Monday, November 10

6 am: I wake as the light comes in my bedroom window. The cats are asleep on the bed with me. I hear moaning outside. I lift a blind and see zombies pushing at the razor wire fence, their fingers in tatters, bones showing through. I close my eyes and go back to sleep. 
7 am: I wake again as one of my cats meows in my face. I push Matthew and mumble "Cats hungry. He groans back, "Your turn." 
7:05 am: I walk slowly into the kitchen. I dump dry food into bowls and walk back to the bedroom, careful not to look out any of the uncovered windows. 
7:30 am: we finally get out of bed. It's hard to waste daylight, but we drink so much at night that it's also hard to take advantage of the daylight. We eat stale cereal with room temperature soymilk.
7:45 am: we wash our dishes. We still have gas, so we're able to boil our water to wash dishes. We don't know for certain if the water is bad, but we still play it safe. 
8:00 am: Matthew walks the perimeter of the yard, making sure there are no problems with the fence. It's his turn today. 
8:15-12:oo pm: we work on our concrete security fence. We built the razor wire fence in a hurry, and we know it's not going to stay. So we've been working on a concrete fence just five feet inside the razor wire. It cuts down on the size of our yard substantially, but our garden won't be affected. We're building the concrete fence with footholds in the inside, in case we ever have to get out in a hurry or can't make it to the front gate. 
12:00 pm: we prepare and eat lunch. tomato soup with stale crackers. The tomatoes are from our garden. I'm grateful that they grow practically year round here. 
12:45 pm: we wash those dishes 
1:00 we take a break from chores to read for a while. There's only so much we can do with our time. 
3:00 pm we play Milesborne. Matthew beats me three times in a row, and then I finally beat him. 
4:30 pm: we go back outside to work on the fence. We argue the merits of trying to dig a well. I think there's no way we can dig deep enough to hit water. Matthew argues that the water table is actually pretty high here. We argue that point for an hour. 
7:00 pm: Matthew breaks from working on the fence to go start making something for dinner. We're mostly on canned goods, since the electricity went out and our fridge went bad. We're trying to supplement it with stuff from the garden. Last week, I broke into the library and checked out/stole "Edible Greens of the North West" and "What to Eat in the Woods." I have been trying to identify what of the weeds in our yard are edible. I try not to get too close to the edge of the yard, since it attracts the zombies in the neighbors' yards. 
7:30 pm: I hear a yell from the neighbor's yard, and I see Lisa's on the roof again. "Hey there, Salena. What's going on?" "Just gathering weeds to eat." "Should be smoking them!" "Ha ha, I wish!" Lisa and I never talked before, but now we have this dumb banter. Her house is secure, too, so she's one of the few one's left. Her husband has secured the yard to keep their rottweiler in, so really, no one can get in, either. He took off a few days ago and hasn't come back. She keeps watch on the roof to see if he comes back.
7:45 pm: Matthew calls me in for dinner. I collect the laptop, which has been on the porch, collecting sunlight in the Solar Cell charger all day. We eat dinner in silence, still arguing each of our points about the well. I will eventually give up. After we run out of wet cement in the basement and our wall is high enough, there will be nothing left to fill our days. Might as well experiment and see if we can dig a well. 
8:oo pm: We turn on the laptop to see how much power has charged today. It has a full charge, three hours remain, as long as we keep the display light low. We each play a game of solitaire. I pick a movie from our DVD collection. 
8:15 pm: Matthew goes to get cool cokes from the cabinet and a bottle of rum. He decided weeks ago to stock up on alcohol, and we're working our way through it. We begin by mixing cokes with rum, but we don't want to waste too many sodas, so we limit ourselves to one each a night. Then we switch over to straight rum. Or vodka. Whatever. 
8:30 pm: Matthew puts in the DVD and we see what Ryan and Marissa are up to now. 

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Art Thief said...

I totally missed the line before it about Milesborne, so all I saw was "Matthew beats me" and I thought:
That boys gonna have to get fed to the zombies.