Sunday, November 30, 2008

Final Final-Post 30 for 30dow

This post has a few different assignments. I'll try to hit them all: 
1. 3 favorite topics
That one where a part describes a whole.
The Craigslist post.
Making up a day to celebrate.

2. 2 least favorite topics
I didn't like the pun one. 

3. What I learned
I learned that I can write a bunch when prompted, but I really hate word minimums of 1000 words when I'm also trying to write 1,667 words for another project every day. I'm also reluctant to write about real people in blogs, so I prefer fiction. 

4. Other comments
This was a lot of fun, but I wouldn't recommend it to others' in months that they have a lot going on (getting married, popping out some offspring, big project at work, writing a novel) because you can come to resent the daily assignments. 

5. Will I do this in Jan?
Probably not this next round.  I think I want to sit one out and concentrate on my other crafts. 

6. My style with examples
Sarcastic (National Prison Industrial Complex Day and the nerdy hook-up on Craigslist)
Prone to Melodrama (Day by Day Armageddon post about the zombie attack instead of writing about my actual life and the post where the chicken kills a bunch of humans while crossing the road)
Simple (I can't think of many actual examples, but I don't use big words. Also, I think with my gut. I don't trust people who think with their brains.)

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tipsy texter said...

dude, you totally win!