Tuesday, November 18, 2008

National Prison Industrial Complex Day-Post 18 for 30dow

November 17 is National Prison Industrial Complex Day! Let’s celebrate the men and women (well, mostly men) who incarcerate over a million men and women in the United States. Let’s not forget the deputies who are incarcerating close to a million men and women housed in city and county jails! They need love, too! We have about 2.3 million people behind bars! Oh, and we need to recognize the thousands of probation and parole officers around the country who extend that period of confinement by playing big brother to over five million formerly incarcerated people after they serve their “debt to society.” While we’re at it, we should thank our state legislators who have chosen in their infinite wisdom to add on some collateral consequences, even after formerly incarcerated people have finished their probation and parole. Once you’ve served some prison time, you don’t need to vote, right?

Rally at the State Capitol to celebrate National Prison Industrial Complex Day!

Today, 11 am to 12, then we march to the county jail in a symbolic effort to praise the work of all our men and women incarcerating criminals. Rally to follow at County Jail #1, our county’s oldest (and still operating!) jail from 1-2.

Join your brothers and sisters of the state in celebrating this special day.

For more information, contact Sarah Palin at iheartprisons@aol.com.

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