Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Burlesque-Post 19 for 30dow

For the record, I just want to add that, as I mentioned before in my Yos-e-mite post, I read a lot as a child. I remember reading the book (no internet on train, and I’m just copying and pasting once I get to the intertubes) based on the movie that Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman did where Nicole does burlesque. Maybe I was too young to read it, who knows, but I’d never heard that word before. I read “Burley-Q” like Bar-be-que. I like Burley-Q.

Since I don’t have internet, I’m not looking at an example, either, so I hope this satisfies.

Oh, how your big adventure amazes!
And your talking chair, how fantastic!
There are so many people who love you,
And admire your ways, though you’re spastic.

We’ve forgiven you the small incident
Where in public, you once masturbated
Because we love your girl made of pennies
And our hunger for your humor can’t be sated.

Oh Rueben, your hair is so glossy,
And your skin so smooth and pale.
Your ideas--So innovative
A secret word said, then we yell!

Okay, whatevs. I did the poem and am satisfying the contract with myself to do this project whole-heartedly.

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