Friday, November 28, 2008

Thankstaking-Post 27 for 30dow

Hi folks, 

Since our fearless leaderess hasn't given us an assignment, I'm just going to say what I'm thankful for. This is less a post of fiction, less an actual writing assignment, but more of a fulfillment of my contract with myself to write every day. 

So, as always, I'm thankful for my cats, Matthew, my friends, and my family. That's always a given, but they do make my life a lot better. This year, I'm thankful that I am nearly done with my zombie novel (yay 46,000 words!). I'm thankful that there were enough folks voting to Obama to outweigh the crazy fuckers who voted for mccain. I'm thankful that about 5 million people voted against prop 8, even though we didn't ultimately prevail. I was paralyzed with frustration after the vote, but I've now chosen to look at the positive and focus on the fact that the proposition passed overwhelmingly, by a crazy big margin, in 2000. We've changed a lot of people's minds in the last eight years. That's something--even though it's certainly not enough to beat out the cheating-ass mormons who moved to California just to vote on the proposition. 
I'm thankful that despite the assholes who wanted to take away the right to marry from certain Californians, there were enough people willing to vote for a little extra room for chickens. I have to be honest and say that I never believed Prop 2 (outlawing battery cages by asking for enough room for chickens to open their wings) would pass. I did a lot of work on it in the early stages, but it felt like I was just educating the public in the issues, not actually hoping to pass the initiative. 
I'm thankful for my mac, which is a lovely lovely friend and lets me write on the BART on my everyday commute to/fro work. 
I'm thankful for people who make movies because I like movies. And I'm thankful that Jeanie is having a good pregnancy. Maybe she's having a baby right now. 

Okay, gotta go watch the UT-A&M game.


Art Thief said...

Our fearless leader was drunk on Tofurkey tonight. Most of the rest of the writing circle was there and talked smack about those who weren't...Actually, we did talk about how much we missed you.
You are loved.
Happy Thanksgiving.

tipsy texter said...

she was drunk on wine and tofurkey. i knew you would be the only one to care, lol :)

p.s. you are for sure loved :)

Salena said...

aw! how nice. I miss you guys, too.