Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fun in the Sun-Post 10 for 30dow

Im the color of the sun setting on the wet horizon. You'll lament the day's end as you see me. Fun in the sun? You'll be nostalgic for the day even before it's over. 

You may think fun in the sun as you see me appear, but if you're older than 20, you may just think, oh, that's orange-red. Orange-red, a respectable and descriptive color. If you're younger, like 5-20, even as you're having fun in the sun, you may think, "hmmm, that's a beautiful vivid tangerine." 

But now, as of this year, I'm Fun in the Sun. 

You can watch a Fun in the Sun sunset, streaked with Best Friends and Purple Mountain's Majesty.


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